How Flatbed Transportation Is Crucial for the Logging Industry

The trucking industry has a long history. Over the years, processes changed, technologies improved, and fleets became more versatile. As a result, transportation companies can help customers move different types of freight from one location to another. Among the various services, flatbed trucking is in more demand than ever.

A typical semi-trailer used for trucking services has sides, a back door, and a roof. That means it’s limited as to the size and configuration of the cargo hauled. Flatbed transportation services are quite different. These trucks are completely open. Without limitations, they can accommodate oversized and odd-shaped loads.

Tremendous Benefits of Flatbed Trucking

As an incredibly versatile way to move freight, this is beneficial to multiple industries. For instance, a company that provides flatbed trucking services for businesses in Southwestern Ontario and the GTA can easily handle farming equipment. A flatbed is also the ideal choice for construction machinery and supplies.

However, flatbed transportation services are the go-to solution for other industries, as well. This type of trailer can haul a small disassembled plane, turbine parts, and even cut trees. Before heading out, the driver utilizes the appropriate ropes or chains, along with other devices, to ensure the cargo doesn’t shift or fall off during transport.

So, the customer receives the goods unscathed. With top performances, companies that offer flatbed trucking services for businesses in Southwestern Ontario and the GTA gain an excellent reputation. All the way around, everyone wins.

The Logging Industry

Flatbed trucking plays a crucial role in the logging industry. In most cases, loggers leave trees intact. As a result, they’re long and heavy. With a flatbed trailer, an operator uses a crane or hoist to lift the lumber onto the back of the truck. Then, it’s secured in place and transported to its destination.

Many types of oversized cargo hauled with flatbed trailers get broken down. In other words, they’re taken apart before going onto the truck. Once the freight reaches its intended target and the cargo gets unloaded, someone on that end puts all the pieces together. A small aircraft is a perfect example.

Well, things are different for the logging industry. Especially for cut wood used to build homes and other structures, there’s no way to make the lumber smaller for transportation. Thankfully, flatbed transportation services haul the lumber just as it is.

The other thing is that without a roof, it’s possible to load cut lumber relatively high. So, the logging company can transport a much larger load. Ultimately, that saves the end customer both time and money.

Your Most Trusted Source

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