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Local Cartage & Dedicated Fleet Services

Local Cartage & Dedicated Freight Services for Southwestern Ontario businesses

In some cases, customers don’t want to have their cargo on the same truck shared by other companies. This is when dedicated freight services in Ontario come in handy. With our dedicated fleet services, one of our qualified drivers will arrive in a truck that will only transport your freight.

As one of the most respected local cartage companies, we strive to provide our customers with reliable transport solutions. Consider some of the many benefits of using this particular service.

Benefits of Cartage Services in Ontario

  • Cost Savings – Our dedicated fleet services are cost-effective.
  • Convenient – This includes door-to-door delivery whenever possible.
  • Flexible – With this, we can provide the customer with an estimated departure and arrival time.
  • Reduced Packing Cost – Compared to other modes of freight transportation, our dedicated freight services in Ontario equate to a low cost for packing goods.

Relying on a Trusted Local Cartage Company

When you need cargo transported, you want to feel confident that the company you hire will meet your expectations. At Kapish Roadline, that’s what we always strive to achieve. So if you need professional assistance, rather than turn to just any of the available local cartage companies, allow us to get your load to its destination on time.

For our dedicated fleet services, we provide superior trucking services to businesses in Southwestern Ontario and the GTA. We can accommodate both short and long-haul requests.

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